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Karen Bennett

Karen Bennett

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Karen Bennett’s Celebration of Women Series

“We’re connected as women. It’s like a spider web. If one part of that web vibrates…we all know it.”

- Sarah Addison Allen

This series of fiber artworks uses archeological figures and motifs from prehistoric cultures to explore the common concerns that have been a part of women’s lives in different cultures from the beginning of time.

  • Praise of Women (43 x 48) 
  • Bound by Tradition (43 x 48) 
  • Resilience of Women (43 x 48) 
  • Body and Mind of Women (43 x 48) 
  • Nurturing of Women (43 x 48)
  • Apotheosis of Women 
  • Entanglement of Life (43 x 48) 

Other Works

  • Turmoil of Waiting (44 x 55)

  • Measurement of Women (43 x 48)

  • Grub (26 x 26)


  • Personal Space

  • Circuits (23 x 31)

  • Unfurling (32 x 34)


  • Last Fiery Glow (32 x 34)

  • Memories of My Grandpa’s Barn (29 x 31)


Photographer: Wes Maygar

Upcoming Art Shows

Student Art Market Of Denver Summer Art of 2017

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